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Tianjin is one of the biggest city in China, with 15million population, the advanced technology industry, aviation, electronics, machinery, shipbuilding and chemistry. Tianjin is a friendly city for the foreigners, the culture is open and inclusive with the river and ocean blending, tradition and modern blending to make Tianjin HaiPai Culture one of the most splendid culture in the world. Tianjin is the first batch of Reform&Open cities in China. Power(Tianjin) Technology Co.,Ltd locates in Tianjin of China, 150kms to Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Daxing International Airport, 50kms to Xin’gang Port.  Power high pressure pump absorbs the culture of Tianjin to make the strong, relialble and durable quality for the applications of shipbuilding, transportation, metallurgy, municipal administration, construction, oil and gas, petroleum and petrochemical, coal, electric power, chemical industry, aviation, aerospace etc. it’s branch company locate in Zhoushan, Dalian, Qingdao and Guangzhou, Shanghai etc. Power(Tianjin) Technology Co.,Ltd is member of China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry. Lead the hydroblasting technology with the high pressure water jetting pump.

Company History

Puwo (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. It is a national high-tech enterprise, Tianjin Eagle Enterprise and "specialized and special new" seed enterprise. In the past five years, the sales scale of the whole market is 140 million yuan, and the sales scale of the ship maintenance industry is nearly 100 million yuan. On the basis of this, it will take another three years to develop into a leading enterprise in the ship cleaning industry.

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Future Development Plan


While building the first brand in the ship cleaning industry, the company provides security and cleaning services in automobile manufacturing.


Petroleum and petrochemical tank cleaning services; Chemical, metallurgical, thermoelectric production equipment cleaning services.


It has a municipal pipe network dredging, above-ground line removal and cleaning construction team.


The company has ten series of more than 40 types of high pressure and ultra-high pressure pump sets and more than 50 types of supporting actuators.
With independent intellectual property rights, it has obtained or declared more than 70 patents, including 12 invention patents.


Equipment Testing

The equipment is tested before leaving the factory to ensure that the data meet customer requirements.


Environmental protection

High-pressure water cleaning does not produce dust, such as the use of sewage recovery system, sewage, sewage will be directly recycled. Water cleaning requires only 1/100 of the material treated by dry sandblasting compared to traditional dry sandblasting.

Cost effective

High-pressure water cleaning operations are not affected by the weather, and only a small number of operators, greatly reducing labor costs. Equipment quantification, shorten the approach preparation time, corresponding to ship cleaning, shorten the ship docking time.
After cleaning, it is sucked and dried, and the primer can be sprayed directly without cleaning the surface.
It has little impact on other processes, and can be used for other types of work at the same time near the high-pressure water cleaning working area.

Health and safety

There is no risk of silicosis or other respiratory diseases.
It eliminates the flying of sand and pollutants, and will not affect the health of surrounding staff.
The use of automated and semi-automated equipment greatly reduces the labor intensity of the staff.

Quality surface

There are no foreign particles, will not wear and destroy the surface of the cleaned material, will not leave old dirt and coating.
Fine needle flow cleaning, cleaning more thoroughly than other methods. The cleaning surface is uniform, and the quality meets the requirements of international standards.

Product Advantages


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Our company has 50 proprietary intellectual property rights. Our products have been long-term verified by the market, and the total sales volume has exceeded 150 million yuan.

The company has independent R&D strength and standardized management.